New Preorder: Marisa Kirisame Nendoroid

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I’ve been waiting since her first announcement to get her preordered. This time instead of going through Tokyo Hunter I decided to preorder her through Goody-Japan from Toranoana. The only set back about that choice is that she’ll be shipped using SAL, but other than that Goody-Japan does a good job (I’ve ordered a few things through them). I decided to skip Figma Reimu though since Marisa > Reimu imo and if there’s the possiblity of there going to be a figma Marisa then I’d rather wait and just get her instead. So what are your opinions on the Nendoroid Marisa?


Recent arrivals and coming soon

•October 1, 2009 • 1 Comment

During the past month a few of my preorders finally arrived.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni EP5 came first, but I’m still waiting for Witch Hunt’s patch before even looking at it (though I’ve already seen many spoilers for it orz).

Next was one of my most awaited figures which I ordered back in May, Griffon Enterprises’ Marisa Kirisame figure. Quickly after her arrival I put her together and in the display case she went. I can be a bit clumsy so I wanted her in there as soon as possible. I can say I am very happy to have ordered her because she’s gorgeous. The only thing I don’t like about it is the clear part between her feet and the base. In the promo pictures it’s black which looks a lot better in my opinion. Other than that she’s perfect and stands proudly at the top of my display case.

Yesterday Nendoroid Reimu came since I opted for EMS shipping. Sadly I broke her staff within 5 minutes of having her, but no worries it’s all fixed up now. Really the only problem I have with her is that there’s a bit of space between her skirt and her upper body and she’s on her stand. Other than that everything is okay. She’s very cute and I can’t wait to order the Marisa Nendoroid to make a complete pair.

I got two games that I preorder last month as well. Muramasa was at the beginning of the month. The game is absolutely stunning not only graphics wise, but the music and plot as well. I definitely reccomend this game. The other was Persona 1 for the PSP. That I still have sealed since I don’t have a PSP as of now (Planning on getting one eventually).

The things that will be coming this month, unless they get delayed, are as follows:

BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER  -PILOT Edition- (DVD) which I ordered through Goody-Japan. The total comes to ~$25 which isn’t bad in my opinion.

Black ★ Rock Shooter Figure (GSC) Sadly she got delayed to OCT, and hopefully she won’t get delayed again.

Riannon Nendoroid (GSC) I wish I had ordered Saber Lily instead, but she’s still very cute.

Things I plan on ordering in the future: Marisa Nendoroid, Pokemon SS & HG, Gyakuten Kenji (US Ver.), and 1 Nendoroid (To use my Hobby Search points and it’ll probably be Shiki).

Long pointless update post is now over.

Happy Cirno Day – ⑨/⑨/⑨

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Today is one of those ‘once in a lifetime’ things. The next Cirno day will be ⑨/⑨/⑨⑨, but I’m sure I’ll be dead by then unless I live to be 107 (and can still remember it). So this post is dedicated to the lovable Cirno.



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As you can see I haven’t updated my blog since I returned (which was August 2nd). Just haven’t had anything to talk about really so I left it be. But with the soon arrival of Umineko EP5 and a few other things in the coming weeks I’m sure I’ll be a little more active. As far as talking about the Umineko anime goes I’m just going to delay until I feel like actually doing it, since I really don’t now. I have been doing stuff with my other blog though. Nothing special, but if you like Touhou music you might want to check it out. Also I’ve changed my banner to Hiziri Byakuren from Undefined Fantastic Object for those who noticed. And with all that said I’ll end this post.

Umineko EP5 & New Figure Preorder

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Well I managed to make a little time today for a small post. Let’s get right down to business then.


This morning I placed an order for Umineko no Naku Koro ni San EP5, in other words the next arc in the visual novel. I love the series very much so I wish to support it by buying the visual novels though so far I only own the EP4 disc (which contains the first 3 arcs and EP5 will contain the first 4 as well). In the future I plan on ordering the discs as they come out until the series ends. I believe the release of EP5 will be next month so it’s not too long of a wait~. If anyone was wondering I ordered it here using Goody-Japan.

Earlier today I got news that everything was just about set for the figure I was planning to order so I am happy to say I will be an owner of one of the Hakurei Remiu Nendoroids~! I ordered her through Tokyo Hunter and she she did cost quite the penny, but she is definitely worth it. Did anyone else  preorder her?


Well that’s it until I get back! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer~!



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It technically isn’t until next week, but since there are many things I have to do before then I figured I would make a post while I still had time. Before I start packing I have to help clean the entire house “OTL. My house is well…not the cleanest to say the least. It doesn’t help that I have a dog that not only sheds like crazy, but loves to destroy and eat anything. I am not exaggerating when I say anything either. Well that explains that matter so onto other things!


For when I get back, although it will delayed, I will have a post about the first arc of the Umineko anime. So it will cover the first 5 episodes. I decided that I would just talk about the series in arcs opposed to one episode at a time to try and prevent any spoilers for the rest of said arc. On that note I’m sure you can tell that I have a new banner! Yes she has to do with Umineko, but sadly for those anime-only-fans you won’t know anything about her until the end of the series (unless for whatever reason they cut her out which I would then RAAAGE). Also for anyone who has played/read the visual novel: They took Bernkastel’s boobs away in the anime! She is loli, but at least she looks older and not exactly like Rika. Still looks odd to me though…

In other news I am currently looking into ordering a figure. Sadly I will not be able to reveal just which one it is at the momment, but you can be sure that there will be a post once everything is said and done.

Well that’s it for this post, will be back in two weeks(ish)~! /end super lazy post

New loot!

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I’ve always wanted to do one of these, but I usually only order figures online so I never got the chance to. I actually got these yesterday, but it was late and natural light was bad (although it wasn’t all that great right now either orz).  So what did I get? I ordered 3 Umineko no Naku Koro ni manga. The reason was because the anime had just started to air so I figured I’d order them before they sold out. Unfortunately they didn’t have the second volume of the first episode so I now have an incomplete collection for that arc. Well now for a few crappy shots with my crappy camera. I cropped them so that they weren’t so huge, but this time I won’t be linking them to the full image like I usually do.

PICT0673croppedRin and Sakura wanted to take part in this ‘photoshoot’ so they decided they would show off all the manga together.

PICT0677croppedEpisode 1 – Part 1

PICT0678croppedEpisode 1 – Part 3

PICT0679croppedEpisode 2 – Part 1

PICT0681croppedSakura being the otaku she is went ahead and started reading.

PICT0683croppedRin got a little mad though…

Inside the third volume of Episode 1 there was a pamphlet. It’s mostly ads for other manga and such. Here’s some shots of it (I was wondering if anyone has seen it). The sun decided to hide so these shots are terrible, sorry orz.



PICT0687croppedOne side of it opened up.

PICT0688croppedAnd the other side.

Well this post was a little boring “orz, but I don’t have any other news…Oh wait I do. I’ll be going on vacation next week~ Going to be up north for 5-ish days. Being the hikkikomori I am I don’t exactly know what I’ll be doing up there though…