End of the Month Updates – Jan ’10

Like always not much has happened for me the past month. As far as school goes it’s been J-term so I’ve only had one class to deal with. Second semester starts the end of this week so finally some new classes at least. I’ve gotten quite sucked into TinierMe and @games the past few months. The avatars, or selfies as the site calls them, are adorable and got me attached right away.

I have a decent amount of preorders this month by my standard (which isn’t much since I hardly order any orz). First thing I ordered was Kotiya Sanae Nendoroid. The news had slipped passed me until she was up for preorder, but there was no way I couldn’t order her. While she isn’t my favorite Touhou character, or near my top favorites list at all, I just had to order her. She comes with three expressions which is sadly more than Reimu and Marisa got, but I’m hoping that maybe Sakuya will get three as well! I will definitely be ordering Sakuya seeing as she’s in my top 10 <3. The next thing I ordered was Good Smile Company’s gorgeous new Saber figure. Since I missed out on getting their Saber Lily I couldn’t let this one slip by either (I really regret not force ordering Saber Lily and taking a hit later). I found out about this one through Mika-tan’s blog and preordered her through AmiAmi at a nice price. I cannot wait to get her! The last order of the month is actually my birthday present. Even though I have to wait I don’t mind since the Fate/stay Petite Nendoroids are far too cute. I nearly died when I saw them.

I don’t feel like getting into an anime ramble right now so I’ll leave things at that.

My wallpapers for the month:


~ by udongein on January 24, 2010.

One Response to “End of the Month Updates – Jan ’10”

  1. I’m going to have to get Nendo Sakuya (//´▽`//)

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