End of the Month Updates Dec ’09

December has been pretty eventful with Christmas and what-not. Not much has happened other than that to be honest. I got a few things for Christmas, but that’s because I only asked for money this year. I wanted money to spend at Anime Detour which is this spring. Next month J-Term starts so I’m excited for that, but I wish I could have taken it off this year. On a completely different subject I started my collection of Touhou songs again.

In figure news I ordered Set 1 of the Bakemonogatari Petite Nendoroids which I posted about in my last post. My Black Rock Shooter figure by Good Smile Company is on her way right now and I can’t wait to get her~ Next month I should be getting two (!) Marisa figures. I’m very excited about that. I would like to preorder the Eirin Yagokoro figure by Griffon Enterpirses which will come out in April. It’s a very nice figure from what I have seen and after seeing how nice my Marisa Kirisame figure from the same company turned out I’m sure this one will be of good quality as well. I’ll have to save up for her though…

And that’s it for this month. I might make a little post about what I got for Christmas later, but I’m not promising anything (since I’m really lazy orz)

Wallpapers for this month:

So how was everyone’s holidays? What do you guys plan on doing for New Years?


~ by udongein on December 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “End of the Month Updates Dec ’09”

  1. That first wallpaper is just LOVELY. Do you know who the artist is? The illustration style looks really familiar, but I can’t seem to remember it.

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