End of Month Updates

Well the month of October is just about over (only a week to go). I’ll just be going over some things that happened during this month. Some can take that as a ‘boring post’ warning. Overall I’d have to say that this month was average. Not much happened, but it wasn’t completely boring.

This month I made two new preorders. The first has already been posted about in the blog, but I’ll say it again anyway. That figure would be the adorable Marisa Kirisame Nendoroid. I’ve had her targeted since she showed up during summer. The second I made yesterday and didn’t get a chance to post about yet. That would be the gorgeous Hayakawa Yuzuko figure. The days before I finally preordered her I was pondering heavily on whether I should or not because not only the price, but the fact that the wrecking ball may be only half. Well you already know how that decision turned out though.

During this month the Black Rock Shooter PILOT EDITION DVD I ordered arrived. I’m very much looking forward to the anime series next year. I’ll admit though that I’m sad that there wasn’t a little more to actual DVD though (Some kind of commentary or someone talking about the story/art). But I’m still a proud owner of it. That would be the only thing to arrive though since I put my Riannon Nendo to ship with the BRS before she got delayed.

As far as new fall series go I’m pretty disappointed. I won’t go in depth, but I’ve dropped quite a few series and will probably do away with a few more this coming week. I will say though that Kimi ni Todoke, Fairy Tail, Kobato., Letter Bee, Trapeze, Nyan Koi!, and Tatakau Shisho are the series I’ll be sticking with for sure.

My backgrounds for the month are below.


desktopscreenshot-241009(I wanted to show I have a clean desktop finally orz link is to just the background image)


~ by udongein on October 24, 2009.

One Response to “End of Month Updates”

  1. I ordered Yuzuko too. She’s expensive, but I can’t out on her.

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