New Preorder: Marisa Kirisame Nendoroid


I’ve been waiting since her first announcement to get her preordered. This time instead of going through Tokyo Hunter I decided to preorder her through Goody-Japan from Toranoana. The only set back about that choice is that she’ll be shipped using SAL, but other than that Goody-Japan does a good job (I’ve ordered a few things through them). I decided to skip Figma Reimu though since Marisa > Reimu imo and if there’s the possiblity of there going to be a figma Marisa then I’d rather wait and just get her instead. So what are your opinions on the Nendoroid Marisa?


~ by udongein on October 17, 2009.

2 Responses to “New Preorder: Marisa Kirisame Nendoroid”

  1. She is really nice ^^ But exclusive as her friend Reimu 😦

  2. I broke down and ordered Reimu; but Marisa looks cute too D: だぜ~

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