Recent arrivals and coming soon

During the past month a few of my preorders finally arrived.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni EP5 came first, but I’m still waiting for Witch Hunt’s patch before even looking at it (though I’ve already seen many spoilers for it orz).

Next was one of my most awaited figures which I ordered back in May, Griffon Enterprises’ Marisa Kirisame figure. Quickly after her arrival I put her together and in the display case she went. I can be a bit clumsy so I wanted her in there as soon as possible. I can say I am very happy to have ordered her because she’s gorgeous. The only thing I don’t like about it is the clear part between her feet and the base. In the promo pictures it’s black which looks a lot better in my opinion. Other than that she’s perfect and stands proudly at the top of my display case.

Yesterday Nendoroid Reimu came since I opted for EMS shipping. Sadly I broke her staff within 5 minutes of having her, but no worries it’s all fixed up now. Really the only problem I have with her is that there’s a bit of space between her skirt and her upper body and she’s on her stand. Other than that everything is okay. She’s very cute and I can’t wait to order the Marisa Nendoroid to make a complete pair.

I got two games that I preorder last month as well. Muramasa was at the beginning of the month. The game is absolutely stunning not only graphics wise, but the music and plot as well. I definitely reccomend this game. The other was Persona 1 for the PSP. That I still have sealed since I don’t have a PSP as of now (Planning on getting one eventually).

The things that will be coming this month, unless they get delayed, are as follows:

BLACK★ROCK SHOOTER  -PILOT Edition- (DVD) which I ordered through Goody-Japan. The total comes to ~$25 which isn’t bad in my opinion.

Black ★ Rock Shooter Figure (GSC) Sadly she got delayed to OCT, and hopefully she won’t get delayed again.

Riannon Nendoroid (GSC) I wish I had ordered Saber Lily instead, but she’s still very cute.

Things I plan on ordering in the future: Marisa Nendoroid, Pokemon SS & HG, Gyakuten Kenji (US Ver.), and 1 Nendoroid (To use my Hobby Search points and it’ll probably be Shiki).

Long pointless update post is now over.


~ by udongein on October 1, 2009.

One Response to “Recent arrivals and coming soon”

  1. My boyfriend is waiting for Reimu (She left the japan this week). Marisa by Griffon is really cute ^^ As you, i’am waiting Black Rock Shooter figure ^^

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