Umineko EP5 & New Figure Preorder

Well I managed to make a little time today for a small post. Let’s get right down to business then.


This morning I placed an order for Umineko no Naku Koro ni San EP5, in other words the next arc in the visual novel. I love the series very much so I wish to support it by buying the visual novels though so far I only own the EP4 disc (which contains the first 3 arcs and EP5 will contain the first 4 as well). In the future I plan on ordering the discs as they come out until the series ends. I believe the release of EP5 will be next month so it’s not too long of a wait~. If anyone was wondering I ordered it here using Goody-Japan.

Earlier today I got news that everything was just about set for the figure I was planning to order so I am happy to say I will be an owner of one of the Hakurei Remiu Nendoroids~! I ordered her through Tokyo Hunter and she she did cost quite the penny, but she is definitely worth it. Did anyone else  preorder her?


Well that’s it until I get back! I hope everyone is enjoying their summer~!



~ by udongein on July 25, 2009.

One Response to “Umineko EP5 & New Figure Preorder”

  1. I might have to get her – maybe, probably. Maybe. orz Hopefully? 😀

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