New Pre-Order: Marisa from Kotobukiya

Yes, I have finally pre-ordered her. I was planning on holding off for another month or so, but when I noticed today that ToysLogic’s pre-order stock was dwindling I wasn’t about to take the chance. Although pre-ordering her came at a cost. I am now allowed only a few more small figure pre-orders for the rest of the year. It’s bad news, but not at the same time since I already have them all planned out which I will reveal once I get them pre-ordered. Now in case you forgot which figure I was talking about here are some shots of it.


Sadly the release got pushed back to the beginning of next year, but that just means I have plenty more time to make the money to cover it. Anyone else have her pre-ordered or planning on pre-ordering?


~ by udongein on July 11, 2009.

5 Responses to “New Pre-Order: Marisa from Kotobukiya”

  1. I want her but I already pre-ordered Cute, and she is 9800 for december D:

    • Ah yeah I really wanted to order Cute too, but I always make Marisa my priority so I went with her instead.

  2. I wish HLJ would have her for preorders. After hearing about angelchan’s problem with them, I’d never order from Toyslogic. I’m sure that’s just an extreme case, waiting over a year for a figure, but I’ve heard other people complain about them too… (and their figures are kind of overpriced imo.) But, I’ll be really happy if it end up my Sega Luka is the only figure I get in December. (Since I’ll have to use EMS shipping. SAL is so terribly slow in December.)

    • I had no idea something like that happened. If I did I’m sure I would have ordered through a proxy, but it’s a little late for that now… And I also noticed their figures are overpriced orz. Never used SAL before I always go with EMS, but I could see why it’d be slow in December.

  3. I pre-ordered via Toyslogic as well. They’re hit or miss sometimes, but most of the time they’re hit.

    Marshmallow points out an interesting fact I’d never considered. Using SAL in December being slow. I was thinking they weren’t too bad, but I’ve only used them so far in the late spring/summer.

    TL’s prices aren’t always expensive. At least not from the perspective of a Canadian. Because Hobby Link Japan’s packages get charged duty fees and Toyslogic do not. But you do have to keep an eye on exchange rates and calculate which best works. It’s impossible to predict 6 months out though.


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