Anime Detour & Nendos Arrive (Small Post)

Today my nendos finally arrived~! I had decided before that whichever nendo I saw first I would consider ‘my first nendoroid’. It turned out to be Rin so she’s my very first nendo~. Both are very cute, but not quite as posable as I had thought. Also I do not understand how the stand works orz. Figured out how to use the stand, though as other people have said Rin doesn’t need one. Still, very happy to have gotten them. I took a few pictures, but since I have a complete piece of shit for a camera they didn’t turn out. EDIT: After looking at my nendos a bit more I noticed there’s a small space in their heads…does anyone put anything in there (i.e. extra hands/arms)?

On another note a few days ago I had paid for my pass to attend Anime Detour next year. It’ll be my first con so I don’t really know what to bring, but I’ve heard stuff like ‘always have water/snacks’, ‘wear comfortable shoes’, etc. I plan to cosplay one day during the con too as Ange from Umineko no Naku Koro ni. But there’s some time before then to get prepared for it so for now I have no questions on that subject, but I will later in time.


~ by udongein on July 8, 2009.

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