Umineko Episode 1 – First impression

Well I have just finished watching Umineko no Naku Koro ni (Un-Subbed). First impressions are pretty much what I expected. The beginning of the EP1 (Arc 1) in the visual novel was fairly boring, I will admit to that, so it wasn’t a surprise with the first episode of the anime. As far as what they cut out so far there isn’t anything too important. I’m still excited to watch the anime especially after finishing EP4 (Arc 4) of the visual novel. I won’t spoil anything in this post so nothing to worry about, but I do plan to talk about the anime while it is airing so I’ll post a warning in the future. I’m very happy with how the OP and ED turned out. The only problem I have with either is that I’m not fond of the song in the ED. As for the animation the only problem I found with it was that, excluding Battler and George, all the men seemed to have rather short necks which… just looks odd. Though overall I approve of the animation. I have heard news that Silver Forest and zts were included in the credits which is good news. One last thing I have to say is that the seiyuu choices all sound just about how I had imagined them to. So far everything is going pretty well for the anime, but I’m not sure it will turn out very well considering not only how they pull off certain events, but just the amount of things that are needed to be covered. And that’s it for the first impression. No screenshots this time around though, but maybe I’ll include some in the future.

On another note for anyone who likes a murder mystery story I highly reccomend the Umineko no Naku Koro ni visual novel, unless you are sensitive to gore. (Not that it’s shown, but it’s just a warning)


~ by udongein on July 1, 2009.

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