Figure Help – Chantilly and Neige

Well I’ve been thinking recently and I decided I would like to go for T’s System Chantilly and Neige. But I’ve hit a problem… I don’t know how to order them, or rather even if I could. I understand that you can only order them at Etsu Shop Online, but I was wondering if there was a site that you could order them from through (if that sentence even makes sense), or if it was possible to just order them from Etsu Shop Online. I honestly have no clue and would be very grateful for any kind of information on this matter. As far as the actual order goes I’m aiming to buy both of them. They’re both gorgeous on their own, but having only one would look a little sad.

1241624776I give many thanks in advance to anyone who can give me some information about this matter.


~ by udongein on June 15, 2009.

6 Responses to “Figure Help – Chantilly and Neige”

  1. You can try ordering from tokyo hunter. won’t come cheap though

  2. Order using a proxy service. GoodyJapan is pretty awesome and relatively cheap compared to other competitors. I used them to purchase the Tinkle Figures for me:

    • I haven’t heard of that one before, but I’ll definitely will be looking into it. Thank you!

      • Without international shipping both Tinkle figures came out to be 17,950 yen (Cost of figures + domestic shipping + bank transfer fee + commission + COD fee).

  3. I pre-ordered the set. My favorite is Ne-jyu (alias Neige). In reality it’s not T’s System as I thought, but Clayz who seems to be the editor of these two young ladies. I hope that the quality will look like that of Ink Nijihara limited Quens Gate version ^^

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