Small Update – Let’s Talk Nendos

Well I don’t really have to say it, but I haven’t been updating for a while now. I expected to do more after school ended, but nothing big really happened. All I’ve been doing is playing Okami (which if you haven’t played it yet go out and buy it now).

Well last week I came upon a figure I am planning to buy (hopefully) by next week. Which figure it is will be a secret until it ships out though. But for after that I thought of starting to buy some Nendoroids, possibly a Figma or two, but moreNendos. Since my collection sadly doesn’t even have one I figured it was time I got around to buying a few. More or less I’ll be buying them near the end of the summer (since I have to save up money again to pay off my current pre-orders, which isn’t hard at all). But why am I bringing this up here? Because I would like a little input as to which Nendos I should go for (of course I want all of them…). Any opinions would be great~! I have a few in mind that I’d like to buy,but I’d like to know if they’re good buys or not (thought I can’t see how they wouldn’t be). They are: Kyouka, Nagi, Kokonoe Rin, Itoshiki Nozomu, and any Vocaloid Nendo. As for pre-odering I would be aiming for either Saber Lily or Riannon (and possibly Arawn if I buy Riannon).

On a completely different topic I’ve decided to share my Summer ’09 desktop background with you. Kyouka-sama ❤ Also now the site has a new Summer banner up!

DesktopSummer 09 -June 11th-

Well to end this post I’ll leave things at this:

Hope everyone has a great summer!


~ by udongein on June 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Small Update – Let’s Talk Nendos”

  1. Maybe you should get your hands on either Itoshiki Nozomu or Vocaloid Kaito first since they’re getting more expensive & harder to find. For the preorder, Saber Lily would be awesome since she’s an exclusive. xP

    But other than that, pick whichever you like the most. I just preordered Sebastian & wanting for Ciel in the near future.

  2. I have Kyouka and Rin,

    Kyouka-sama’s Nendoroid mode is pretty plain if you just intend to display her, but she has so many removable parts (the tail, ears, antennae) that you can play with if you are the type who plays with Nendos; and not to mention ahoge is awesome!

    Rin is extremely adorable and her twin tails are just awesome because she can use them as support to stand. ^^

    But at the end of the day you should just find pictures of them and see which appeals most to you!

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