Returning with a quick look at my project

I finished my final project for my art class in the early evening today. I must admit that I was surprised by that considering I procrastinated till the last minute…like I always do. In the beginning I was very excited about this project, but then I found out we had less time than I initially thought so I had to do something I hate. Recreate someone else’s work, but larger and in paint form. I went with the Black Rock Shooter picture. This one to be exact.

d7ec8d086a34416d08cdc55d24a55c0dWith my lack of artistic skills I sadly butchered it (by no means meant to either). And so I started. The part that took me the longest was just sketching out the picture. I waited until two days before it was due to actually finish the sketch. The reasons being 1. I was lazy and 2. I didn’t want to deform BRS. I think from her hips up she looked fine. Her legs on the other hand… Anyway, I’ll just post some pictures I took during the process. Warning: taken with a crappy camera and bad lighting. Also I didn’t re-size them.

PICT0641PICT0644PICT0646PICT0649PICT0658PICT0664I think the last one actually does it a little justice, but irl it doesn’t look too great… I was really supposed to do two, but I’ll just stick with this one. Hope I didn’t waste your time. For the next post I’ll be back to the usual stuff. On another note I update Nuke-tan about every day, though it’s mostly just to do with music (of course I didn’t update while I was away).

Edit May 20th: Well, I got sick, lovely, through a combo of stress, bad food, and several other things. So until I get better, which I hope is asap, I’ll have to put the posting on hold. I’ll probably be better by tonight, but this is just in case. My apologies for all of this. Also there is absolutely no need to worry about me.


~ by udongein on May 19, 2009.

One Response to “Returning with a quick look at my project”

  1. That’s really close to the original. I couldn’t dream of drawing so well.

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