Muramasa, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver

I’ve been working on spring anime reviews and summer out look post for a little while now, but it still isn’t finished so I decided to make a whole post about these two games instead of putting them at the end of the other one. Compared to the upcoming post this will be very short.

So let’s start off with Muramasa: The Demon Blade. It’s set to release here in the US this fall and I’ve planned to pre-order it once I get my figure pre-orders done with. Muramasa is a 2D game, which in this day and age can seem pretty weird, but it looks like it’ll be very good. Now I don’t play too many video games so don’t take my opinion to heart because I could be way off. In the game you can select to play as a boy, Kisuke, or a girl, Momohime. I don’t know if I remember this right, but I think i heard that depending on who you play as the story is different. Well I’ll just leave it at that. Here are some pictures related to Muramasa:



That one always makes me go “d’aaaw”

Moving onto the next two games: Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I’ve been a fan of the Pokemon games since Red and Blue came out in the US. Yes it may seem childish, but I’ve heard of people 3 times my age still playing Pokemon so it’s not that bad (You can guess my age if don’t know it). Out of all the Pokemon games I have played so far Silver has always been the best. I remember I got Gold and Silver plus my first game system, my Gameboy Color, for Christmas one year. My mom said she regretted giving me them, but I don’t because I’m pretty sure that is started my life as a soon to be otaku. Now with reminiscing aside let’s talk about these two games. I think I’m going to be a bit disappointed with these games. Why? Because whenever I think about them being remade the only thing I would want different is updated graphics, but of course that can never be all. They’re going to be adding in several things it seems. One thing I hope they don’t take out because it was the one special thing in Gold and Silver was the radio. I know this may sound really dumb, but I loved that feature. To cut this short I just hope they don’t change too much. Alright so one last thing before I’m done I want to say a little about the charaster designs.

And here they are.

coro-2 coro-1

Well Gold’s design looks pretty much the same, but… That is not Crystal. The only thing that looks like Crystal would be the hair, but even that is different. Okay so I’ll just be blunt about this, the girl’s design doesn’t fit. She looks more like a farm girl to me. It’s not that it’d bad, I just feel like it doesn’t fit with the other characters’ designs (I’m talking about Gold and Silver’s design, assuming Silver’s design won’t change much). But overall I am excited about these two games. I can’t want to pre-order them when they come to the US.

Well that’s all for this post, but the next one will be the Spring Anime Reviews and Summer Out Look. The only reason it’s taking so long is because of school and my final projects. If not for those I’m sure I would have it done by now.


~ by udongein on May 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Muramasa, Heart Gold, and Soul Silver”

  1. Is that really Crystal? I remember back in Crystal version, female characters were introduced. Her hair was blue, not brown. I always choose my gender but I might actually pick Gold this time.

    • I don’t consider her Crystal. I think she’s more of a filler for the female counter part in Gold and Silver, though that is just assuming they’ll come out with a Crystal remake in the future. And yeah I’m thinking of using Gold this time around also.

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