Long time no real update

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Yeah I’ve been very forgetful when it comes to updating this blog;; I do however have some updates for the end of this month so hopefully I’ll remember to make a post before then;; But yeah that’s about it… I hopefully will get back to somewhat more of a normal blog eventually…just not right now.


A Quick Question

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I sorta just noticed right after putting my payment in for amiami that I messed up one part. So I was wondering if anyone else had done this before:

Instead of putting my order number in the subject part of the paypal message (So my order number instead of You’ve got a payment! or whatever it is).

My main question is just will they complete my order regardless or simply cancel it?

/facepalms God I feel so stupid messing up on something so simple;; Any feed back would be great, opinions as well. This would be my first time paying for something from amiami, but I have used a handful of other sites before. Also yes I have a lack of updates, I’ll do something about that at a later time.

End of the Month Updates – Jan ’10

•January 24, 2010 • 1 Comment

Like always not much has happened for me the past month. As far as school goes it’s been J-term so I’ve only had one class to deal with. Second semester starts the end of this week so finally some new classes at least. I’ve gotten quite sucked into TinierMe and @games the past few months. The avatars, or selfies as the site calls them, are adorable and got me attached right away.

I have a decent amount of preorders this month by my standard (which isn’t much since I hardly order any orz). First thing I ordered was Kotiya Sanae Nendoroid. The news had slipped passed me until she was up for preorder, but there was no way I couldn’t order her. While she isn’t my favorite Touhou character, or near my top favorites list at all, I just had to order her. She comes with three expressions which is sadly more than Reimu and Marisa got, but I’m hoping that maybe Sakuya will get three as well! I will definitely be ordering Sakuya seeing as she’s in my top 10 <3. The next thing I ordered was Good Smile Company’s gorgeous new Saber figure. Since I missed out on getting their Saber Lily I couldn’t let this one slip by either (I really regret not force ordering Saber Lily and taking a hit later). I found out about this one through Mika-tan’s blog and preordered her through AmiAmi at a nice price. I cannot wait to get her! The last order of the month is actually my birthday present. Even though I have to wait I don’t mind since the Fate/stay Petite Nendoroids are far too cute. I nearly died when I saw them.

I don’t feel like getting into an anime ramble right now so I’ll leave things at that.

My wallpapers for the month:

End of the Month Updates Dec ’09

•December 27, 2009 • 3 Comments

December has been pretty eventful with Christmas and what-not. Not much has happened other than that to be honest. I got a few things for Christmas, but that’s because I only asked for money this year. I wanted money to spend at Anime Detour which is this spring. Next month J-Term starts so I’m excited for that, but I wish I could have taken it off this year. On a completely different subject I started my collection of Touhou songs again.

In figure news I ordered Set 1 of the Bakemonogatari Petite Nendoroids which I posted about in my last post. My Black Rock Shooter figure by Good Smile Company is on her way right now and I can’t wait to get her~ Next month I should be getting two (!) Marisa figures. I’m very excited about that. I would like to preorder the Eirin Yagokoro figure by Griffon Enterpirses which will come out in April. It’s a very nice figure from what I have seen and after seeing how nice my Marisa Kirisame figure from the same company turned out I’m sure this one will be of good quality as well. I’ll have to save up for her though…

And that’s it for this month. I might make a little post about what I got for Christmas later, but I’m not promising anything (since I’m really lazy orz)

Wallpapers for this month:

So how was everyone’s holidays? What do you guys plan on doing for New Years?

I completely gave in

•December 11, 2009 • 1 Comment

As the title says I gave in and ordered the Bakemonogatari Petite Nendoroid Set 1. They’re just too cute to pass up. I don’t own any Petite Nendos, but I’m happy to start my collection with these. I’ve been trying to keep away from the figure scene and save some money up, but since I already knew about these I couldn’t resist. I absolutely love Hitagi and Araragi, but Hanekawa isn’t so bad either. I’m going to try to get all the sets if I can~. Anyone else want to/have/going to order this set?

End of the Month Update Nov’09

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Yet another month is coming to an end, but this one is a little different. Yes it’s that time of year the Winter Holidays! Honestly I don’t know anything about any other winter holiday other than Christmas. I say Winter Holidays though because I’m sure what everyone celebrates so I hope I don’t offend anyone when I use it.

Aside from getting the flu nothing really happened to me this month. The only thing that did happen was that Riannon had been shipped and arrived the first of November. I fully admit that she is the cutest Nendo I own and I take back what I said before, I  am very happy to have ordered her! What I love to do is put her faces on Rin. So adorable~

And so going back to the first paragraph; What do you guys celebrate this time of year? Anything in particular you love about it?

Wallpapers for the month:

End of Month Updates

•October 24, 2009 • 1 Comment

Well the month of October is just about over (only a week to go). I’ll just be going over some things that happened during this month. Some can take that as a ‘boring post’ warning. Overall I’d have to say that this month was average. Not much happened, but it wasn’t completely boring.

This month I made two new preorders. The first has already been posted about in the blog, but I’ll say it again anyway. That figure would be the adorable Marisa Kirisame Nendoroid. I’ve had her targeted since she showed up during summer. The second I made yesterday and didn’t get a chance to post about yet. That would be the gorgeous Hayakawa Yuzuko figure. The days before I finally preordered her I was pondering heavily on whether I should or not because not only the price, but the fact that the wrecking ball may be only half. Well you already know how that decision turned out though.

During this month the Black Rock Shooter PILOT EDITION DVD I ordered arrived. I’m very much looking forward to the anime series next year. I’ll admit though that I’m sad that there wasn’t a little more to actual DVD though (Some kind of commentary or someone talking about the story/art). But I’m still a proud owner of it. That would be the only thing to arrive though since I put my Riannon Nendo to ship with the BRS before she got delayed.

As far as new fall series go I’m pretty disappointed. I won’t go in depth, but I’ve dropped quite a few series and will probably do away with a few more this coming week. I will say though that Kimi ni Todoke, Fairy Tail, Kobato., Letter Bee, Trapeze, Nyan Koi!, and Tatakau Shisho are the series I’ll be sticking with for sure.

My backgrounds for the month are below.


desktopscreenshot-241009(I wanted to show I have a clean desktop finally orz link is to just the background image)